Using ArcGIS Field Maps App for Environmental Investigations

Posted on July 27th, 2022

Location is everything when it comes to the environmental industry. JM Sorge, Inc. (JMS) has implemented the use of ArcGIS Field Maps to improve upon our field operations and data collection. Field Maps is an interactive application by ESRI to display GIS data on a smart phone. This allows the user to see their GPS location in relative to visual data displayed on a map, as well as mark points, attach photographs, create drawings, measure distances, and much more! Field Maps has proven efficiency for site inspections, locating objects and areas, and marking sample locations.

An example of using the app for a soil sampling event on a large open site would first entail the project team discussing the work plan. A GIS Analyst would then create a map in ARCGIS Online with the proposed sample locations, aerial imagery, and useful site features. Scientists would then use the Field Maps app to pinpoint sample locations in the field and mark any new sample locations taken. After the field event, the GIS Analyst imports the location data to the GIS system to prepare the necessary figures. We have found that Field Maps greatly improves communication and efficiency for the project team to ensure successful environmental investigations.

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Evan Cohen
Environmental Scientist

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