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Former Automotive – Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

Contamination on this former regulated UST site was first identified in 2008. JMS has been involved in all aspects of the investigation and remediation from the preparation of a Preliminary Assessment to the performance of the Remedial Action. JMS designed the in-situ remediation strategy to treat free product and petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater attributed to discharges from historic gasoline USTs. Remediation was conducted with the operation of a dual phase extraction system and chemical oxidation injections using hydrogen peroxide catalyzed with ferrous sulfate. Compliance with NJDEP Soil Remediation Standards was attained. A Groundwater Remediation Action Permit was proposed to address residual groundwater contamination under a long term monitored natural attenuation program. NJDEP approved the permit application and JMS issued a Response Action Outcome.

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