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Services – Due Diligence

Brach Eichler, LLC – Somerville, NJ

JMS was retained by Brach Eichler, LLC on behalf of a prospective purchaser to conduct due diligence activities on the former Richards Fuel Oil site in Somerville, NJ (Property). The 1.7 acre Property was historically utilized as the Somerset Supply Co. and Richards & Gaston Inc. for general repairs, and was developed in the early 1900’s with railroad spurs, woodwork and machine shops, and lumber sheds. Richards Fuel Oil, Inc. began operating on the Property as a fuel oil distributor in the 1950’s. In 1973, Richards Swimming Pool Service also began operating on the Property during the summer seasons. The Property currently consists of one concrete building, four (4) deteriorating wood-framed storage structures, an asphalt covered lot, and small vegetated areas.


A Preliminary Assessment (PA) report was completed by others on behalf of the Borough of Somerville. The Borough received a grant from the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) to complete the PA as part of the larger Somerville Landfill Brownfield Development Area (BDA). The Property is one of 19 under-utilized properties in the vicinity of the former landfill that are slated for remediation and development. Various Areas of Concern (AOCs) were identified on the Property, including an 8,000-gallon diesel fuel underground storage tank (UST), multiple above ground storage tanks (ASTs), rail spurs/sidings, a rail car maintenance pit, and loading/unloading areas. Soil and groundwater sampling has identified multiple contaminants including EPH, PCBs, PAHs, and metals in soils, as well as VOCs and PAHs in groundwater, at concentrations exceeding the applicable standards.


JMS recently completed an inspection of the Property and a Phase I Environmental Assessment/PA report, which identified additional AOCs that require further investigation. JMS is working closely with the entities involved in the pending transaction to oversee remedial activities and develop a plan for future institutional and engineering controls to facilitate development of the Property.

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