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Insurance Consultant Services – Private Residential Properties Through-out New Jersey

JMS works in conjunction with the homeowner’s contractor to remediate the site. JMS oversees the contractor’s remediation plan and cost estimate for regulatory compliance, appropriateness of the remedial approach, and conformance with industry standard pricing. JMS conducts oversight of the installation of structural support (helical piers, concrete underpinning, and/or C-Channel beams), soil excavation activities, and post excavation confirmation sampling. JMS may also provide groundwater investigation or remediation services including the installation and sampling of monitoring wells and may utilize Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR) or other groundwater remediation technologies, as necessary. JMS also collects potable well water samples and has a NJ licensed well driller on staff. JMS also works with the insured’s contractor to submit the reports to the NJDEP Unregulated Heating Oil Tank program for regulatory closure.

JM Sorge, Inc (JMS) provides environmental consulting services to several private insurance carriers in New Jersey. Costs associated with many environmental claims are unique to site specific conditions, widely variable, and often subjective. The assessment and oversight activities conducted by JMS are intended to streamline the investigation and remedial processes, and verify that the services are conducted in a cost effective and timely manner. JMS services include groundwater and soil investigation activities supporting liability analysis. JMS routinely conducts oversight of environmental contractors, interacts with the insured, provides and reviews remedial cost estimates and schedules, negotiates with consultants and contractors, and reviews and/or prepares technical documents for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). JMS manages the project on behalf of the insurance company through closure.general case study2

Most projects include the completion of a soil and groundwater investigation at the property to determine if contamination at the property has extended onto adjacent properties or has impacted groundwater (third party impacts). JMS collects forensic age-dating soil samples to establish a timeline of the discharge from the underground storage tank. JMS also delineates the impacted areas to facilitate remedial action work plan preparation and cost estimation.

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