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Clients – Industrial

GlaxoSmithKline Air Permitting Compliance – Clifton, NJ

GSKJMS was retained by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and their predecessor, SmithKline Beecham, to work with their internal Health and Safety Division to confirm that their operations were incompliance with current air permitting regulation and to manage the various air permits which were required for facility operations. GSK is a global producer of pharmaceutical and health care products. The tasks conducted by JMS included modifications to existing air permits as well as preconstruction permits and operating certificates (PCP/OC) for new manufacturing processes requiring permits. The dynamic nature of the GSK business operations requires that the facility modify their air permits with the addition of any new products/product lines. Permit modifications ranged from simply revising the raw materials processed by the equipment to more extensive engineering changes, which resulted in the addition and/or removal of more the forty (40) pieces of significant equipment on a single permit modification. JMS has maintained a long-term working relationship with GSK, which affords us a unique working knowledge of their manufacturing processes and how they are affected by New Jersey’s air permitting process.

In addition to preparing permit modifications and new PCP/OC applications utilizing RADIUS air permit software, JMS also prepared a permit application for a new research and development (R&D) laboratory, which operates inside the overall facility. JMS worked with the NJDEP to isolate the R&D operations from a permitting perspective so that changes within the R&D department would not affect the other air permits for the facility.

The most recent project completed by JMS was a complex permit modification, which included changes to the raw materials utilized under the permit along with the addition, removal and/or modification of 44 pieces of significant equipment.

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