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Services – Brownfields

Town of Harrison, Hudson County, New Jersey – Harrison Waterfront Brownfield Development Area, (2004 – Present)

JMS was retained by the Town of Harrison and the Harrison Redevelopment Agency (HRA) to complete the remedial investigation of the former Hyatt Roller Bearing facility (Site) located on Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard within the Harrison Waterfront Brownfield Development Area (BDA). The Site included a series of 10 multi-story buildings dating from the early 1900’s. JMS completed the initial Site Investigation within the buildings in 2004. The investigation confirmed that PCB’s were present in the building materials and soils to depths of greater than 25 feet beneath the site. PCB concentrations in excess of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) most stringent soil remediation standards and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) level of 50 ppm were identified.

On behalf of the Town of Harrison, JMS prepared and submitted a Remedial Action Workplan (RAW) to further investigate the PCB contamination at the Site. Remediation of PCB contamination in soils is regulated jointly by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) TSCA program and the NJDEP. A Self-Implementing Cleanup Plan (SIP) regarding Site PCB remediation activities was submitted to and approved by the EPA in 2012. Several Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) applications including detailed Work Scopes and Cost Estimates were prepared and submitted to the NJDEP to secure funding from HDSRF. Over $5,000,000 of HDSRF grant money has been received for Remedial Investigation (RI) and Remedial Action (RA) activities on the Site.

Remediation activities conducted at the Site in 2012 – 2013 included demolition of Site buildings, direct excavation of soils, and removal of concrete with elevated PCB concentrations. A dewatering system was installed to manage groundwater in deeper excavations, and JMS performed community air monitoring through the duration of the demolition and remediation activities. JMS prepared and submitted a Remedial Investigation/Remedial Action report (RIR/RAR) on behalf of the HRA in January 2016. Ownership of the site was transferred to Heller Urban Renewal, LLC (Heller) prior to that, in June 2015. JMS continues to work with Heller towards the final development of the Site, including the completion of institutional and engineering controls.



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