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Services – Due Diligence

North Princeton Developmental Center (NPDC) Site – Montgomery Township, New Jersey

JMS was retained by the Township of Montgomery in 2005 to assist with the acquisition of the North Princeton Developmental Center (NPDC) Site. From 1898 to 1995, the 256-acre site housed the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute serving people with severe developmental or psychiatric disabilities. It was declared surplus property by the State in 1995 and purchased by the Township in 2006.


JMS supported the Township in negotiating its purchase from the State of New Jersey, providing technical guidance for environmental remediation, and the retention and oversight of a remediation and demolition contractor. The project is complicated by numerous environmental issues including former leaking underground storage tanks, an ash landfill, and contaminated soil and groundwater. JMS performed the following services for Montgomery Township:

  • Assisted in successful negotiations with the State of New Jersey, Department of Treasury for the purchase of the NPDC site and the site’s sewage treatment plant (STP);
  • Reviewed and analyzed numerous environmental studies regarding the soil and groundwater contamination at the site;
  • Assisted in developing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the environmental remediation of the site;
  • Assisted with selection of a remediation contractor, negotiations of the remediation contract, the securing of environmental insurance and the oversight of remediation;
  • Assisted in preparing bid specifications for the demolition of approximately 90 NPDC buildings, which were in an advanced state of disrepair;
  • Developed and implemented a successful strategy to acquire public funding for the project through the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF).


The restoration of the site was complicated by the presence of a Township elementary school adjacent to dilapidated buildings slated for demolition. JMS participated in a series of public meetings to address parents’ concerns regarding the safety of children in the school during asbestos abatement activities and building demolition. JMS provided supplementary air quality monitoring during demolition work to demonstrate that controls were effective. Through extensive planning and coordination, asbestos abatement and demolition of over 100 buildings was completed during one summer vacation cycle. Extensive monitoring around the site confirmed that no impacts occurred to the school or the surrounding neighborhood.

npdc7JMS provided technical oversight of the fixed price remediation contractor, reviewing all contractor remediation documents and field work for the Township. JMS also participated in negotiations with NJDEP and the contractor as necessary to protect the Township’s interests. Approximately $2,500,000 of HDSRF grant money was applied for and received for the Remedial Investigation (RI) Remedial Action (RA) costs incurred on the site. Remediation is complete at this site.

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