JMS 4th Annual In-House Soil Seminar

Posted on April 19th, 2016

soil-seminar-photo-1On April 7, 2016, JMS conducted our 4th annual soil description seminar taught by our very own Licensed Professional Geologist, Mr. Timothy Dempsey!!

Every year, Tim conducts our in-house soil description seminar in the warehouse in an effort to keep JMS field staff skills sharp and accurate and to provide extensive training for new JMS personnel.

During the seminar, the following topics are covered:soil-seminar-photo-2

  1. Soil boring log and monitoring well log descriptions
  2. Monitoring well construction and development
  3. Types of soils and where they are encountered
  4. Methods of describing soil types
  5. How to use the Unified Soil Classification System

soil-seminar-photo-3And then the fun part, getting dirty!! JMS employees bring in clean soil samples from home to use for demonstration purposes during the seminar. We team up and describe the types of soil samples that everyone brought in. At the end, the teams compare their soil descriptions and collectively decide which soil description is the most accurate and why.

This year, JMS plans to bring in a soil sample and have everyone take their best shot at characterizing the soil. The sample will then be submitted to a geotechnical lab for the exact description. The person with the closest description wins lunch!

Cassondra Weaver

Environmental Scientist

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