JMS 5th Annual Soil Description Seminar

Posted on April 6th, 2018

On March 28th, 2018, Mr. Timothy Dempsey, a Licensed Professional Geologist at JMS, held the 5th annual in-house soil description seminar. This event is held as an aid to teach and strengthen JMS field staff members’ understanding in accurately characterizing soils typically encountered during their field work.

In addition to covering how to use the Unified Soil Classification System to accurately describe soil, JMS staff members have the advantage of putting their newly sharpen skills to the test. During previous years, a request was made for all JMS employees to bring in soil from their own backyards to characterize as part of the seminar. However, JMS took the seminar to the next level this year and invested in a prefabricated soil kit specifically created for a diversified learning experience. The kit included nine (9) different soil types, ranging from clays to sands, with a variety of combinations in between.

Field staff members take their turn in characterizing each of the provided soils. At the end of the seminar, Tim reveals the most accurate description for each of the soils. Every year, field staff members are able gain even more knowledge of soils than the year before, and gain the confidence to apply what they’ve learned out in the field.


Courtney Palmisano

Project Scientist

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