JMS 6th Annual Soil Description Seminar

Posted on July 11th, 2019

In June, Tim Dempsey, a Licensed Profession Geologist and Project Manager at the firm, held the 6th annual in-house soil description seminar here at JMS. This event is held as an annual refresher aimed to teach and strengthen staff members’ understanding of soil characterization when out in the field.

After covering the proper usage of the Unified Soil Classification System for the description of soil, JMS staff members have the advantage of putting their newly sharpened skills to the test firsthand. In years past, JMS employees were asked to contribute soil from their own backyards. This year, in addition to a prefabricated soil kit which includes nine (9) distinct soil types specifically designed for a diversified learning experience, two (2) native New Jersey soils were included in the mix. Each soil type consists of different percentages of sands, silts and clays, which in turn results in a unique soil description.

Field staff members partner up and take their turn characterizing each of the supplied soils. At the end of the seminar, Tim reveals the USCS classification for each soil sample. Other topics discussed during the seminar included contaminant screening and well drilling/installation procedures.

This exercise reinforces consistent data collection practices. Good data leads to a quicker understanding and diagnosis of the problem which leads to better solutions. JMS respects the trust that our clients put in us to solve their problems efficiently and therefore is vigilant about continuing education.

Courtney Palmisano

Project Scientist

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