JMS Updates Laboratory Certification

Posted on May 31st, 2019

JM Sorge is an NJDEP certified laboratory for analysis of “analyze immediately” parameters holding laboratory certification ID# 18012. These analyses include: dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity and specific conductance.

JMS often collects groundwater samples in the field to evaluate if contamination is present and evaluate trends in contaminant concentration. The NJDEP requires all companies performing low-flow groundwater sampling for the purpose of regulatory review be an NJDEP certified laboratory for these analyze immediately parameters. The data is used in the field to ensure that a representative groundwater sample is collected.

The NJDEP Office of Quality Assurance requires that all companies certified have a qualified Laboratory Manager and Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer. Michelle Bouwman is the Laboratory Manager and Quality Assurance Officer for JM Sorge. The NJDEP also requires that any person performing field analysis be properly trained.

The JMS Standard Operation Procedures has been approved by the NJDEP. Standard Operating Procedures and associated quality assurance procedures for each analytical parameter have been approved by NJDEP.

Once a year, JMS completes proficiency testing to demonstrate the laboratory’s continued ability to analyze the necessary parameters. The results are reported to the NJDEP as part of the laboratory certification renewal process. Above is a picture of the scientists at JMS testing for the analyze immediately parameters. JMS is happy to announce that we passed the renewal with flying colors.

Pete Sorge, LSRP


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