JMS Welcomes Three New Employees

Posted on April 18th, 2022

We are thrilled to announce three new staff members joining the JMS team!  Kevin Bornkamp is an Environmental Scientist with JM Sorge Environmental Consultants. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Economics from Rutgers University. In his previous role, he assisted in the operations of a major water treatment facility.
When asked what excited him about joining the #JMS team, he responded: “There is so much to learn and so many opportunities. JMS has great resources, which I am excited to tap into to become the best coworker and Environmental Scientist that I can be.”
In his free time, Kevin enjoys many different outdoor hobbies such as backpacking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and volunteering. He is also a sports lover and has played in a slow-pitch softball league for the past 9 years!

Kasey Lacerda is a Project Manager and LSRP with JMS.  In her previous roles, Kasey worked within the environmental industry and brings several years’ experience and new perspectives to our collective table.
Kasey came to JMS looking to continue her work in consulting, and past encounters with JMS representatives left a positive impression on her.  When asked what brought her here specifically, Kasey said that she was “impressed by the firm’s client base, capabilities, focus on technology, and the collaborative feel of the office.  It was an attractive combination!”  She hopes to take part in multi-faceted projects and work to find solutions to complicated situations our clients may encounter.
In her free time, Kasey loves to swim – she’s lived close enough to see a creek or river out her window for most of her adult life and has a lot of love for the ocean and other moving water bodies – as well as birdwatching, hiking, and getting experimental with cooking and figuring out what to do with all those pesky leftovers.
When asked for advice, Kasey said that “if you already know the right answer, work backwards.”


Rashaun Brown is the newest Environmental Scientist to join JMS!  Rashaun is a recent graduate of Rowan University, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  This is Rashaun’s first environmental position, and we’re excited to help him grow.
Rashaun’s goals within JMS are to be the best environmental scientist he can be and to leave a major mark in the field.  He was compelled to join the team after his initial interview – he felt he was able to easily connect with his interviewers in a way that stood out and seeing a friendly environment with a close-knit team drew him to JMS.
Outside of the office, Rashaun has a passion for gardening – his parents grew up on farms in Jamaica and North Carolina, respectively – as well as foraging for wild edible plants, camping, and hiking.  Using grapes grown himself, he’s successfully made his own wine!


On behalf of the JMS team, please give our new staff a warm welcome!  We’re excited to have you on board.

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