NJDEP Remedial Investigation Deadline Extended Two Years

Posted on January 24th, 2014

In order to qualify for an extension, the remediating party must apply for the extension by March 7, 2014 and certify that the following conditions have been met:

  1. An LSRP has been retained
  2. Mandatory remediation requirements have been met at the time of certification
  3. The following documents have been submitted
  • a. Initial receptor evaluation
  • b. immediate environmental concern source control report,
  • c. light non-aqueous phase liquid interim remedial measure report,
  • d. preliminary assessment report,
  • e. and site investigation report;
  1. A remediation funding source has been established if required
  2. If a remediation funding source is not required to be established by the applicant pursuant to law, then a remediation trust fund for the estimated cost of the remedial investigation has been established.
  3. Any NJDEP oversight costs have been paid
  4. Annual fees have been paid

The department may undertake direct oversight of a remediation if, at any time during the extension of time these conditions are no longer met.

If you have a site that is out of compliance or potentially subject to this deadline, please contact us to confidentially discuss your case specifics so that we can develop a strategic approach to meeting the regulatory requirements for your project.

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