Insurance & Litigation Support

The complex nature of most environmental cases requires that an expert possess a unique combination of real world experience, technical knowledge, an acute awareness of environmental regulatory policy and procedures, and a clear understanding of the legal and business objectives of the parties involved.

Since 1986, JMS has worked closely with leading law firms, individual attorneys and insurers on hundreds of technical environmental cases dealing with liability issues, regulatory compliance, site investigation, site remediation, and real estate financing issues. The experienced and well-rounded staff at JMS provides the technical support required for the successful implementation of your client’s legal strategy. In addition, due to our extensive experience, JMS is frequently called upon by insurance companies and others as a resource to evaluate environmental concerns for coverage determination and to provide project oversight.

JMS provides the following insurance and litigation services:

  • Third party coverage determination
  • Expert testimony
  • Forensic environmental investigation services
  • Contractor oversight and claim management
  • Evaluation of contractor invoices for appropriate and general industry charges
  • Technical case review
  • Detailed analysis of contamination parameters, age, fate, and transport
  • Remedy selection and cost evaluation
  • Preparation and submittal of technical reports for No Further Action approval
  • Investigation and remediation cost recovery from the government and private sources
  • Advanced technical data presentation services

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