Teaching Tomorrow’s Environmental Scientists

Posted on May 29th, 2019

Pete Sorge, a Licensed Site Remediation Professional and President of JM Sorge, Inc. recently talked to a group of 4th graders at a local elementary school interested in learning about rocks, minerals and the environment.

Pete discussed with the students how industrialization has left a legacy of contamination all around us, which fostered a network of environmental rules for everyone to follow (regulation). He showed how, as environmental scientists at JMS, we work to help businesses and communities understand and comply with those environmental regulations, and in the process clean up the environment and reuse contaminated sites for new uses such as parks, homes and businesses. In addition they discussed the importance of understanding the properties of the chemicals involved and site characteristics like different soil types, rock types and groundwater properties. Pete brought along many of the tools used in a typical site investigation including soil cores, rock samples, rock and soil color charts and sample jars for the kids to get a sense of how the work gets done.

Pete commented,

“It was uplifting, the students seemed to soak up the information, I was impressed by the many great questions that the students asked.”

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