Temporary LSRP Licenses Expire

Posted on March 21st, 2013

Since the LSRP program began in New Jersey over 500 LSRPs obtained temporary status. In 2012, the exam to achieve permanent LSRP status was finalized and has since been offered four times. Many temporary LSRPs and candidates new to the program have taken the exam and there are now approximately 500 permanent LSRPs licensed in New Jersey. There are, however, many temporary LSRPs that have not obtained the permanent status. In some cases this is because the temporary LSRP chose not to pursue the permanent status, and in some cases it is because the temporary LSRP failed to pass one of the four offered exams. It has also been determined that these temporary LSRPs that lost their status must wait at least one year from the date of their termination before they are eligible to take the examination.

The temporary licenses for these LSRPs were terminated on February 6, 2013 (if they failed to pass one of the exams) or February 28, 2013 (if they chose not to test). Either way, parties responsible for conducting the remediation (PRCR) that retained any of these temporary LSRPs are now in a position of soliciting and hiring a new permanent LSRP. The NJDEP has established deadlines for these PRCRs to retain a new LSRP (in many cases the deadline is March 31, 2013). Further, there are guidelines by which documents submitted by these temporary LSRPs are evaluated to determine if in fact they are still valid.

JMS has three permanent LSRPs on staff (Joseph Sorge, Todd Huffman, and Jim Vander Vliet) and is working with many PRCRs through this transition to ensure that they maintain compliance with the NJDEP rules and guidelines. If you have any questions about the NJDEP LSRP program, or you think JMS can help you with your case, please contact any one of our LSRPs at 908.218.0066.

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