Updates to NJDEP Remedial Action Permit Forms

Posted on June 21st, 2019

On May 30, 2019, NJDEP released updated forms (see the archive Listserve note here: for soil and ground water Remedial Action Permit applications, modifications and terminations. Remedial Action Permits are required on site remediation projects where contamination remains in excess of NJDEP standards at the conclusion of remediation. A new form was also released for termination of deed notices, a process that was not previously clearly described in NJDEP guidance.

Soil Remedial Action Permits are common at sites in areas of historic fill material or any other site with an engineering control. Ground water Remedial Action Permits are required for sites that are utilizing a long-term remediation strategy, such as monitored natural attenuation or a treatment system, to address ground water contamination.

The new NJDEP forms are intended to streamline the Remedial Action Permit application process and make the process more user friendly. Multiple LSRPs, project managers, and scientists from JMS attended a training session hosted by NJDEP regarding completion of these forms.

LSRPs from JMS are currently retained as LSRP of record for more than seventy Remedial Action Permits. JMS regularly submits permit applications and modifications to NJDEP. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding new or existing remedial action permits.


Michelle Bouwman

Project Manager

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